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Secret Protective Services

Welcome to Secret Protective Services, please note we are currently re-developing this site. We currently offer the following global security services Executive Protections, Security Drivers, Security Pilots, Corporate Security, Static Security, Non-profit & Ministry Security, Transportation Security, Residential Security and Domestic Security. We offer services to test or counter any security systems you may have in play to help you discover the weaknesses's in your current defenses. This in turn helps you enhance & adjusted your security protocols accordingly. We offer Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Services globally. We are able to help retrieve lost or kidnapped loved ones on a Global Basis. We offer UFAP and Felon transportation World Wide. We can locate just about anyone if you need them or want them found we will locate them for you and bring them in willing or un-willingly. Please check back soon for more information and to view all our services.

Hours of operation 24/7 365 days a year world wide.

For immediate assistance please call +1.939.437.0899.

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