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Secret Protective Location Services

Secret Protective Services is able to locate just about anyone on a Global basis. If you need us to help extract a loved one out of an unstable governed country, humanitarian aid worker, missionary, or anyone needed we will. We will help locate lost family members, & friends. We are able to expedite projects very quickly and smoothly. We are able to provide any logistical services needed to help you achieve your end goal. Here is a small list of our locations services:

  • Lost Family Members
  • Kidnapped Family Members
  • Hostage Retrieval
  • Ransom Drops
  • Missing Person
  • Bounties
  • UFAP
  • GPS Logging
  • GPS Tracking

Hours of operation 24/7 365 days a year world wide.

For immediate assistance please call +1.939.437.0899.

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