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Secret Protective Operation Services

Secret Protective Services has an extremely wide range of services available from protecting people and things to providing outer layers of intelligence gathering and un seen protection layers. We are able to protect the protectors, able to support your inner security with unseen security that can act and move at a moments notice. Able to watch and counter your security to help you develop SOP to secure your assets or self. Our operations cover the following:

  • Property Location & Retrieval
  • Kidnapped Family Members Retrieval
  • Hostage Retrieval
  • Ransom Drops
  • Missing Person Location
  • UFAP Services
  • Non-profit Services
  • Surveillance Services
  • Counter Surveillance Services
  • Executive Protections
  • Security Services
  • Counter Security & Testing Services
  • Global Tracking Services
  • Support Services
  • Logistic Services

Hours of operation 24/7 365 days a year world wide.

For immediate assistance please call +1.939.437.0899.

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