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Secret Protective Security Services

Secret Protective Services is able to provide a broad range of security services on a global basis. We offer everything from Executive Protections to Static Location Security. Here is a small list of current Security Services:

  • Executive Protections
  • Security Drivers
  • Security Pilots
  • Corporate Security
  • Static Security
  • Non-profit & Ministry Security
  • Transportation Security
  • Residential Security
  • Domestic Security
  • Maritime Security
  • Port Security (Above Sea and Below)

Secret Protective Services has soft vehicles as well as hard vehicles from sedans, SUV's, to even the traditional armored cars. We are able to provide services from Diplomatic Security & Transport to Corporate Trade Secrets & Products movements. We are able to provide recreational security from a weekend by the beach, skiing in the mountains, or diving the Great Barrier Reef. We can backpack across Europe with your children as they walk out their dream step by step from Scotland to Rome and everywhere in between of course. No matter the age, location, or dream we can protect it! We can move anything from point A to point B seamlessly and securely.

Hours of operation 24/7 365 days a year world wide.

For immediate assistance please call +1.939.437.0899.

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