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Secret Protective Surveillance Services

Secret Protective Services has some of the most unique surveillance methods on the ground today. We are able to blend and vanish in the background of any location whether its the desert, beach, jungle, or even our so familiar concrete jungles of this world we disappear. We are able to monitor, track, watch, and document whatever it maybe. Our services range from documenting the cheating spouse to watching those committing corporate espionage. We are able to provide counter surveillance services to those who think they might be or are being watched. We are able to watch the watchers, and document and find out who they are as well. Some of our surveillance services include:

  • Document Evidence of Cheating
  • Countering Corporate Espionage & Theft
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Site Reconnaissance
  • Security without being Seen
  • Electronic Counter Measures
  • Disinformation
  • Building Cases
  • Intelligence Gathering

Hours of operation 24/7 365 days a year world wide.

For immediate assistance please call +1.939.437.0899.

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